Åkerströms starts a new key partnership for industrial safety.

Safety is one of the central values that Åkerströms has held throughout its history developing radio remote control solutions. Along with Ovako Sweden, one of the leading industrial steel manufacturing in the Nordic market, Åkerströms has taken a step toward a safer industrial environment by securing manual processes through their connected services platform, Access_Ctrl.

The partnership between the two Swedish companies is another step in a long journey to commit to a safer and sustainable future achieved through technology, as the SaaS platform’s main objective is to reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

The platform offering is a solution to seamlessly administer permits to industrial crane operators so they can perform their jobs safely by preventing unauthorized use. It also ensures that the daily control of the crane is performed and reported which is the basis for detecting errors and deficiencies before larger, more costly errors might occur.

Phetra Ericsson, EVP Group HR, Communication & EHS for Ovako, in reference to Access_Ctrl said “The service offered to our companies and facilities in Sweden aims to ensure a systematic way to increase personal safety for heavy lifting. After successful test installations, there is now the opportunity to expand with more connections in Hofors, Hällefors, Smedjebacken, Boxholm, and Hallstahammar. We look forward to further improving our personal safety and creating an even safer workplace for our employees.”

Hans Åkerblom, CEO of Åkerströms said “We are taking a decisive step towards safer operations within the industry. The licensing agreement between us and the Ovako Group’s companies in Sweden not only signifies a joint commitment to safety but also a clear vision to drive industry development in a responsible direction.” In reference to the streamlining of the security and safety procedures.

Read the press release from Åkerströms here.

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