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Innovative remote radio solutions for safer, more efficient industrial processes

We are a leading manufacturer of wireless machinery control systems — supplying custom solutions to a variety of companies operating within the industrial sector.

Founded in 1947, we enjoy a proud history of innovation and collaboration — but we’re now reinventing our wireless heritage for a brave new world of technological advancement. Through our global network of R&D centers, production facilities, and subsidiaries, we’re creating wireless remote control solutions that are fast becoming the safe and efficient industrial production.

Allgon is now an international company with renowned brands such as Åkerströms and Tele Radio under its direct ownership. Through an ever-growing network of subsidiaries, Allgon is now home to more than 400 employees.

A proud history of innovation and collaboration

At Allgon, we believe that wireless communication technology will shape the future when it comes to safety and operational efficiencies within the industrial sector. That’s why we’re leading the way with industrial remote-control solutions for a variety of applications. And while our journey has been long, we’re only just getting started.


Swedish investment fund Bure acquires Allgon AB and invests in a variety of exciting expansion plans within the wireless communications industry. The company immediately makes plans for international growth.


Allgon sells Smarteq Wireless AB to switch its focus entirely on the wireless remote control market.

Since 2016, Åkerströms has proudly been a part of the Allgon Group, establishing itself as a premier provider of high-quality industrial radio control solutions. With over six decades of experience, we place a strong emphasis on delivering solutions that prioritize flexibility, durability, and safety.

Our legacy of innovation has made Åkerströms a trusted leader in the field of customer-centric solutions. We maintain close collaboration with our clients to offer tailored, sustainable solutions that perfectly align with the specific needs in each customer’s setting.

These solutions are applied across various industrial and mobile sectors, including the field of industrial cranes. Over the years, we have garnered a renowned global reputation for excellence.

We understand the specific needs of heavy industries, where precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety in these environments, our solutions are meticulously engineered to excel even in the most challenging conditions.

Tele Radio is a leading brand in the field of safe wireless and radio remote control systems. The company provides solutions for a wide range of applications, including lifts, mobile technology, doors, gates, and barriers. Specializing in remote controls for hydraulic machinery, Tele Radio’s product lineup ranges from compact, standard key chain hand transmitters to cutting-edge, custom-made waist transmitters.

Founded in 1955 in Lysekil, Sweden, Tele Radio has since established itself as a leading authority in radio control systems. Tele Radio’s core mission is based on delivering comprehensive product solutions, advanced technologies, and innovative services for wireless equipment control and machine communications. In pursuit of this goal, three fundamental principles are prioritized: reliability, efficiency, and, above all, safety. By cultivating a culture of collaboration and responsibility among all employees, Tele Radio ensures that each employee plays a significant role in delivering its key objectives.

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Sustainable Remote Control Solutions for Industry

We passionately believe there’s a direct link between sustainability and value creation. With this in mind, we work tirelessly to ensure our wireless transmitters are robust and hard-wearing — delivering on our promise to deliver sustainability wherever we can. The future will be shaped by the sustainability and social initiatives we adopt today, which is why we have adopted an ambitious, long-term strategy to achieve our objectives in this area.


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