Continuing growth demands for different approach at Allgon Group

In 2021 Ola Samelius was appointed as the new CEO for Allgon, in parallel with his CEO position at Tele Radio, with clear objectives to put a solid and sustainable management structure for Allgon and both daughter companies Tele Radio and Åkerströms. Under his leadership, Allgon has experienced further growth of the company and is experiencing a considerable number of interesting developments in the market of industrial remote control.


The strengthening of the market position of Allgon is based on organic growth in current markets, regional expansions in new areas and acquisitions. Tele Radio is contributing to the growth ambitions by opening new offices in India, Japan, Ireland and New Zealand in the last two years and more expansion is expected. With these start-ups and the anticipated take-overs in 2023, Allgon shows its great ambitions to become the number one in the worldwide market of radio remote control systems.

Operational changes

Next to growth, also the creation of synergy between all Allgon companies is an important goal in order to lowers costs, improve efficiency, increase the innovative power and overall quality. Full group integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, for more efficient reporting and financial management, is a process that has been started yet.

The Allgon management team has undergone several changes to support that all the long-term objectives will be achieved. The team consists of Ola Samelius as CEO, Mark van der Elst as CMO, Jesper Ribbe as CTO, Joakim Berlin as CFO and as a recent addition to the team, Fredrik Svensson as COO. Ola Samelius: “I am sure that this team is an empowering force to make our company excel. One of the new initiatives for Innovation is the start of Allgon Labs. I am looking forward to presenting more expansions and changes in the coming months”.

Innovation: Allgon Labs

To accelerate the innovative strength of Allgon and to achieve efficiencies in technology for all brands, Allgon Labs has been created in Malaga Spain, next to the existing technology centers in Sweden. Allgon Labs is being led by CTO and Manager Allgon Labs, Jesper Ribbe and all daughter companies of Allgon will benefit from its research and development of innovative products and technologies. Allgon Labs is smartly located at the Technological Park of Malaga. This region is known as ’the Spanish Silicon Valley’ and is the top destination in Europe for tech giants from all over the world. Currently around 10 engineers are working on new Allgon developments.

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