Fredrik Svensson appointed as COO Allgon Group

Gothenburg, November 9th, 2022

Mr. Fredrik Svensson, who joined Tele Radio Group as Supply Chain Manager since October 2021, was recently appointed Chief Operational Officer within Allgon AB.

Allgon AB owns subsidiaries Tele Radio and Åkerströms and is a global player in the development, manufacture and sale of industrial wireless remote controls. Through the innovative approach of our brands, we contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment with products that are tailored to the specific wishes of certain target groups and that meet the highest legal (safety) requirements.

At Allgon we have great ambitions. Fredrik Svensson has the specific knowledge and experience to establish our short-term and long-term objectives. With his broad work experience as international logistic, sales, and supply chain manager in the technical and construction industry, Fredrik Svensson is a valuable asset to Allgon. His approach is aimed at providing management, leadership and vision to straighten Allgon’s operational efficiency. In order to achieve benefits for all brands, Fredrik Svensson will work closely together with Hans Persson the Manager Operations at Åkerströms.

Fredrik Svensson about his new role: “I am excited about the role Allgon gives me. With more than 19 locations worldwide, spread over two brands, there is a solid foundation for growth. It is my challenge to design, implement and guard business operations to achieve Allgon’s great ambitions.

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