Tele Radio Group opens a new subsidiary in Japan

In order to further extend the presence of the Tele Radio Group globally, and to provide a better accessibility in Asia, Tele Radio decided to establish a new subsidiary in Kyoto, Japan. The subsidiary in Japan, named ‘Tele Radio Japan LLC’ has been established 14th of January.

To attain the local approach that Tele Radio strategically follows, presence in the 3rd economy of the world is important. Japan is one of the most advanced countries in machine automation and control, with focus on safety, sustainability and efficiency and the Tele Radio products offer a very good fit.

We are delighted to announce Mr. Nori Ueda will be the managing director of Tele Radio Japan LLC. Mr. Ueda has work experience in the automation field for over 20 years. His expertise lies in access control, security system and factory automation. Moreover, he has gained a broad knowledge in a variety of automation industries domestically and internationally.

From the start of operations, Mr. Nori Ueda will be accompanied by Mr. Kaz Tanaka, who will be responsible for the Japanese sales activities. He has total of 12 years of sales experience in the automation and information technology field.

Tele Radio AB already had presence in the Japanese market by dealing directly from our head office in Sweden. These businesses will be locally supported by Tele Radio Japan LLC after some month of company’s activity.

The company will be operating from the 25th of February.

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