Allgon strives to maintain a transparent business environment, which is why the company complies with a number of clear ethical guidelines based on the philosophy that Allgon is to operate a profitable business while behaving in an ethical manner. It is extremely important to Allgon that all areas of the business are run with the highest sense of responsibility, openness and honesty. Every suspicion of fraudulent behaviour or bribery must be reported without delay, as must any similar incidences of misconduct that are observed.Allgon strives to maintain a business climate where whistleblowers feel that they can report irregularities safely and without fear.

Allgon considers it an obligation to deal with irregularities and is committed to ensuring that irregularities are reported in line with the company’s code of conduct. In addition, Allgon views whistleblowers who report irregularities to be exemplary citizens, as their actions help us to promote honesty, responsibility and good management.

Allgon has an external portal that can be accessed from https://allgongroup.integrityline.com/. From there, all employees in Allgon’s various companies can report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct (regardless of the type of employment). Customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders can also use the system. On the portal, you can read more about whistling and how the system works.