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Swedish investment fund Bure acquires Allgon AB and invests in a variety of exciting expansion plans within the wireless communications industry. The company immediately makes plans for international growth.


Allgon sells Smarteq Wireless AB to switch its focus entirely on the wireless remote control market.


Allgon acquires Tele Radio — a leading supplier of wireless remote control technologies for industrial use that enjoys a global presence.


Smarteq AB becomes Allgon AB, which heralds the beginning of a much wider strategy aimed at building a much larger share of the market for industrial wireless applications.


Smarteq, which already owns several Allgon subsidiaries, acquires the Åkerströms brand — an industrial wireless remote control manufacturer.


As Allgon continues to grow and diversify, management splits the company into a number of parts — each with its own specializations. Over time, the company’s subsidiaries grow more prominent. However, the brand’s association with innovation and quality endures, and its products are still used in communication technologies around the world.


As mobile phone technology advances rapidly, devices become smaller and more compact. Allgon develops a retractable antenna that can be hidden away inside the device when not in use. By the end of the 1990s, Allgon is producing more than 100 million terminal antennas a year — making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers.


As mobile phone traffic explodes thanks to increased affordability and mobility, Allgon experiences a period of rapid expansion. The company greatly improves its antennas for fixed base stations, which enables efficient operation across multiple bands.


Allgon’s research and development into in-car telephony technology prove very successful. The company reaches an agreement to supply antennas for the fixed-base stations that process the signals used for car and telephone communications.


As well as developing a range of antennas for cars and CB band radios, Allgon also focuses on antennas for military use. The company’s efforts prove very successful. Indeed, Alllgon’s slim and lightweight RFC707 is still used in the field to this day.


The company invests in the development of a 25m steerable log periodic HF antenna (LPD 16) — designed for long-distance, confidential communications.


During the 50s and 60s, Allgon Antenna Specialists focuses heavily on antennas for TV and radio reception, including products for CB band radios. In 1968, the company’s car antenna division split from the parent company and Torbjörn Cramner continues developing antennas for other uses. Allgon soon becomes the sole supplier of antenna systems for Swedish police cars.


Following a period of sustained growth, Antenna Specialists moves to a larger, more modern production facility in Åkersberga. And it’s not long before the company develops a car antenna that can rotate 360 degrees — or ‘all directions.’ Allgon Antenna Specialists is born.


Antenna Specialists is founded in Stockholm by Torbjörn and Veronica Cramner. The new company starts out by manufacturing radio antennas for cars and a range of domestic applications.

At Allgon we have the mission to create a safe and user-friendly working environment for industrial customers through unique industrial radio control solutions with the lowest environmental impact. Global market leadership is within reach through new products, efficient collaboration, and growth of our network.

— Ola Samelius, CEO Allgon Group

We maximise the synergy between our brands in product development. It gives us opportunities to respond even faster to new markets and technologies and develop into an industry leader.

— Jesper Ribbe, CTO Allgon Group

We owe our success to a wide network of own subsidiaries, which enables us to offer local support all over the globe. We are building on this powerful strategy. With strong brands and good local leadership, we are making a difference in this rapidly developing market.

— Mark van der Elst, CMO Allgon Group

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