Creating a sustainable future for wireless communications technologies


Creating a sustainable future for wireless communications technologies

At Allgon, everything we do is part of a long-term master plan. We’re on a mission to become the leading provider of safe, secure, and reliable wireless remote control equipment and machine communication solutions.

Passionate about creating a sustainable future for our customers, partners, and employees

We are creating industrial remote control solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for businesses around the world. We’re determined to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of wireless remote control solutions. Using our insights and long track record of success in the sector, we’re providing reliable, cost-effective solutions to ensure our customers have the reliable wireless machine control options they need for success.

We are on a mission to provide end-to-end remote control radio solutions that are as sustainable as they are effective. Our steadfast commitment to reliability, innovation, and collaboration will help us forge the strategic alliances we need for long-term success.

At Allgon we have the mission to create a safe and user-friendly working environment for industrial customers through unique industrial radio control solutions with the lowest environmental impact. Global market leadership is within reach through new products, efficient collaboration, and growth of our network.

— Ola Samelius, CEO Allgon Group

We maximise the synergy between our brands in product development. It gives us opportunities to respond even faster to new markets and technologies and develop into an industry leader.

— Jesper Ribbe, CTO Allgon Group

We owe our success to a wide network of own subsidiaries, which enables us to offer local support all over the globe. We are building on this powerful strategy. With strong brands and good local leadership, we are making a difference in this rapidly developing market.

— Mark van der Elst, CMO Allgon Group

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